Protecting Your Data

slide image New England Data Destruction understands the importance of protecting your data. That's why whether we are performing on or off-site hard drive data shredding destruction, we always use locked secure containers. A GPS monitored Mobile Truck ( on-site ) and security surveillance.

Today all information is now computerized and the demand for secure reliable methods to permanently destroy electronic data is not only logical but legal. New England Data Destruction specializes in electronic and shredder data destruction. We use the most secure methods to safely and securely destroy your companies sensitive information. We strictly adhere to the privacy regulations mandated by the EPA, State of Massachusetts and the Federal Government. All recovered materials go downstream to authorized licensed scrap processors who comply with local and national recycling standards. Media such as computer back-up tapes, CD-ROMs/DVDs, VHS cassettes. 

When you go with New England Data Destruction, you can be sure that you're confidential data is in safe hands. Fill out our Quote Request or Call us today to speak with one of our Sales Representatives.

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